Support in exporting for SMEs

Are you an exporting SME from a manufacturing business and you’d like to get more turnover from abroad, but you can’t free up enough time or it takes too long to get results?

In the role of a temporary export manager, I can take work out off your hands. I will help you come up with an export strategy and an export plan, providing assistance where needed in putting it into effect. That lets you give your exports the attention they need, without having to take anyone on straight away.


The free Xportscan is designed for exporting SMEs and good place to start. We will discuss your international ambitions. Which steps did you already take and what holds you back in achieving your export objectives?

I will give you tips that will let you get  you straight down to brass tacks.

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Export advice

You will get more personalized recommendations in my export advice. I will help you with the development and improvement of your export strategy and plan of approach.

The discussions will yield a concrete and practical action plan that will let you get right down to business straight away.

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Export management

The support for exporting activities is the most detailed level of service. An export plan is a good start, but in the end it’s all about the implementation. That’s where the biggest bottlenecks in time and expertise are.

I support you with the implementation of your plans, and to turn export plans into actual results.

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My customers are exporting SMEs from manufacturing industries. The countries they target most often for exports are Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium and France.

Linda helped us to develop and implement a market entry strategy for our UNIQ profiles for glass balustrades in Germany. We got relevant market information about the construction sector in Germany. As well as a list of potential dealers for our product, which resulted in a number of newly established contacts.

Yvonne Kersten, IMS Nederland

Furthermore, I work for governments, branch organisations and universities of applied sciences.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xportwise organises since 2014 the ‘Trade and Investment Promotion’ course for employees of Dutch embassies and consulates. The overall goal of this course is to better serve the interests of exporting companies in the Netherlands and to ensure a high standard of service at embassies and consulates.

Getting to know Xportwise

My name is Linda van den Broek. I am a business economist and a Qualified Export Manager. In the past, I worked for an exporter and forwarding agent for whom I organized container transports throughout the world. After an eight-year intermezzo abroad (USA, Malaysia and Hong Kong), I started out on my own in 2008.

Since the start of my company, I have helped SMEs from manufacturing industries to export their products. I enjoy working with SMEs. The involvement in the company is greater, there is a down-to-earth mentality of getting things done, the lines are short and there are no political games.

My approach is structured and with a pragmatic approach and a high level of commitment. I bring structure to your ideas and transform them into achievable plans. In addition, I coordinate and guide the implementation of activities until export growth has been achieved. It’s something I love doing and I put a lot of effort into it. I am genuinely pleased if I can help businesses progress and if my guidance leads to faster growth internationally.

Go for export growth

If you’d like to get more turnover from abroad, then don’t wait! Schedule an appointment for an introductory discussion with no obligations.

We will talk about what I can do for you and we can see if it clicks at the personal level. Only then will I draw up a quotation, tailored to your needs and wishes.